Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh, Bharat Ganarajya, you crack me up.

Indian visa: $108.
Japanese encephalitis vaccine: $135 per shot.
Knowing that in two weeks, you will be in a Third World subcontinent so full of mosquito-driven diseases that if you don't cover every inch of your body in a mosquito repellent strong enough to fuel the International Space Station, you WILL get malaria (or encephalitis, or typhoid, or yellow fever, or dengue fever, or polio) and you WILL die: priceless.

To be completely honest, I didn't really think this whole India thing through that well. I just looked at a map one day and saw India and I had this feeling. It was totally a "Matrix" blue pill/red pill moment. I had a feeling, so I picked the program that seemed the best and now here I am, five vaccines in and hitting warp nine with the freak-outs. Sometimes I feel like a total n00b in the face of all these other friends of mine who are going to Ecuador to study HIV in the rainforests to further their medical careers. But then again, I am completely oblivious in the face of my future, whereas they've already picked out which strain of HIV they will specialize in. Also they have med school to contend with. No, gracias.

Let's just hope my "destiny" doesn't end like Neo's. I'd rather not get riddled with bullets in a broken-down building where no one will ever find me, thank you very much.


  1. Hey, no warp-nine! Shalini has lived there all her life, they don't even take shots, and they don't get these diseases (the natives. But then, you are white and scream NEW BLOOD FOR MOSQUITOES!).

    That was supposed to be uplifting, and instead sent you to your doom. At least it's a pretty place to die . . .

  2. hey. that is a very good point. sometimes i am a fool.